The mansion in Jacchìa square


The plaque placed by city government


The Margherita Garden astronomical observatory is the only observatory in a fixed position, open to visitors, present in the town of Bologna, It's located on the upper terrace of the liberty-style building, designed by Collamarini at the end of 19th century, inside the Margherita Garden Park and has been present there since the first years of the 60's. Other observatories near Bologna are those of Loiano (Bologna University), San Giovanni in Persiceto (Persicetani Amateur Astronomers Group), and Medelana (Associazione Astrofili Bolognesi). All these observatories are located more than twenty kilometers from the town center. Recently (May 2007) the Margherita Garden Observatory was dedicated to the memory of Fabio Muzzi Giovagnoni. Fabio was a beloved friend, a graduate in astronomy, and a member of our group, who suddenly died on the 6th of May 2006.

Our target in these pages is to promote the activity of the Amateur Astronomers Group of the Margherita Garden Park and also to introduce to those who are interested the activity carried out by some amateur astronomers in our city in the last fifty years.


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